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Calvin Fannin

Calvin Fannin

Calvin Fannin believes that photography can help people appreciate the beauty of Nature that is bestowed upon the Great Pacific Northwest. He loves photography and wants to share it with anyone who wants to see it. He believes that the art of photography doesn’t starts with equipment of the photographer but with their eyes.

Do you love birds and Nature photography? Are you looking for interesting articles and facts about birding in the Pacific Northwest?  Would you like to learn about new Birding locations in and around the Pacific Northwest?  We frequent many locations throughout the Pacific Northwest and attend many of its festivals. We share many of these experiences via our blog postings and photography.

Calvin’s goal is to showcase the wonderful world of nature in a way to inspire more people to enjoy and protect nature. He spends most of his free time in nature, capturing life as it is with friends and family. His approach to photography is to become a part of the natural setting, to let the wildlife and nature unfold upon his eyes. By understanding the natural world and photographic technology he’s able to express his personal vision of the splendor and wonder he finds in nature.

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