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The Green Heron Butorides virescens

Green Heron

On a recent trip to Texas we were able to get some intimate views of Green Herons. This was the nearest proximity to the secretive birds we have ever gotten. One particular Green Heron was weaving through the tall grass during low tide plucking tiny fish out of the puddles with skill and accuracy using its dagger like bill about three feet from the board walk. We end up with some awesome shots of the Green Heron, one of which is feature in this post.

To find these small Herons look for them foraging in practically any aquatic habitat, but most common around small bodies of fresh water. They are secretive and solitary during most of the year. Green Herons from a distance can look stocky and dark, because they are usually hunched over and lurking in brush or grass, hidden at the water’s edge either fishing or catching dragon flies. If you get a chance to view them up close as we did at Leonabelle Turnbull Birding Center in Port Aransas Texas, you will see that the bird has many striking colors like velvet-green and chestnut. The green however on the Green Herons back is an iridescent color, and often looks blue.

We saw many other Herons will in Texas along with many other life birds many of which made it into this years Birds of North America 2017 Calendar. This will be our fourth year creating a bird calendar to share our passion for nature photography with friends and family.  If you would like a calendar you can purchase one here: Birds of North America 2017 Calendar



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