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Birding Semiahmoo Spit on Drayton Harbor Blaine Wa.

A few weekends ago we went to scout out areas ahead of this weekend wings over water bird festival in Blaine Wa. Since we have not been birding in Blaine before it was thought to be a good idea to see first hand the potential birding locations mostly to figure out where would be prime viewing locations, the terrain for walking and places to park.


So lets get to what was discovered on this windy, snowing day of birding in Blaine WA. Due to timing and the weather the entire time was spent on the Semiahmoo Spit. Once turning onto Drayton road from Blaine road there was flocks of shorebirds feeding on the mudflats right after you cross the bridge that goes over California Creek. Right after the bridge you will see a cut out on the right, this would be your first To the South is California Creek and he to the North will be Drayton Harbor. If you time the tides correctly you can park in the cutout and walk along the beach. On this day we saw shorebirds, Eagles in the tree line, a King Fisher perched on a power line, a Great Blue Heron fishing in the California Creek and a Horned Grebe swimming in the harbor. After you are done exploring the beach you can continue on Drayton Harbor Road and turn right onto Semiahmoo parkway. The parkway will take you onto Semiahmoo Spit and your next destination will be Semiahmoo Park.

On the spit is plenty of paved parking, the first lot you encounter will give you access to both sides of the spit. On the Semiahmoo Bay side we discovered Harlequin Ducks, and discovered that the beaches in this area were rocky without muddy areas so it was void of shorebirds on both sides. But lets not forget the Harlequin Ducks, wow what amazing colors and patterns they have even though it was windy and snowing I could not stop trying taking photographs of them as they were swimming close to the beach. On my way back to my car we noticed lots of Bald Eagles flying around and perching in the nearby trees. At the end of the spit close to Semiahmoo Resort is another lot that will allow you to gain access to the beach on this day nothing was seen here but i shall return.


So lets get back to the reasons this location was being scouted number one is I do not really need a reason to get out to do birding and number two is in preparation of the Wings Over Water Bird Festival. Since there would be large crowds of people participating in the festivities we wanted to know where the prime locations are located. This festival is scheduled for March 14-16 2014 and is in its 12th year. For more information on this wonderful birding opportunity and to discover the abundance of wildlife and bird species in this area of the Great Pacific Northwest please check out its festival website WINGS OVER WATER BIRDING FESTIVAL





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